Ebel Perrelli won the Improvisation category in the 4th Batuka! Masters – National Drummer´s Contest, in 1999. He also participated, with the tune “Mandinga” by himself, Hélio Silva and Fred Andrade, in the 2nd Batuka! CD, released in 2004.

"Good to talk about the Batuka! It is like being assured of participating in a successful event. I had participated in it 10 years ago and miss a lot that time and the good friendships that lasted."


Ebel Perrelli teaches at the Conservatório Pernambucano de Música. He plays at the Cascabulho band, and, already has a booked European tour with the singer/composer Cacau Brasil for 2009.

Perelli writes for a Brazilian drum magazine where he believes he can share his own experience in the drum set oriented musical journey with the readers.

He also plays in instrumental music projects and records with various artists.