Marius Rodrigues won the technique category on the 2nd Batuka! Masters – National Drummer´s Contest, in 1997. He also participated, with his own tune “Moe” in the 1st Batuka! CD, released in 1998.

"To praticipate in the Batuka! was the peak in my musicl journey. To remember seeing, playing and staying together with such great talents, is something that always accompanied me and is a source of inspiration and passion for the music."


Marius Rodrigues has a very diverse career going from traditional South Brazilian “Gaucho” music groups to the Big Smoke jazz band from London where he has been living from more than 5 years.

Nowadays, performs around Europe with intrumental music groups like the Chico Chagas Quartet and Xantone Blacq, as well as Brazilian music grups which he performs in clubs and festivals.

Mariu´s most recent releases are the Nick Kellie Band´s ”For a Brother” and the Renzo Murrone´s albums, both by the British label 33jazz.