Alex Buck won the Performance and Best Unpublished Tape categories on the 2nd Batuka! Masters – National Drummer´s Contest, in the year of 1997..

"I participated at the Festival, if I´m not wrong, in its second edition. The year was 1997 and I was 17. I had almost none Professional experience and I can remember how nervous I was when I performed. Those were 3 intense days, a very important experience in my formation as a human being and a determinant turning point at my professional career. Only after the Batuka! I had the confidence in following my musical history."


Composer, pianist and arranger, was Born in São Paulo and his affinity with music, specially the Brazilian one, comes from his studies at the CLAM, Zimbo Trio´s school, at a very early age.

Alex Buck established a career based on a creative Brazilian music playing with great names such as: Dominguinhos, Yamandú Costa, Arismar do Espírito Santo, Jair Rodrigues, Jane Dubock, Fabiana Cozza, Alessandro Penezzi, Germano Mathias, Guilherme Vergueiro, Raul de Souza, Heraldo do Monte, Naylor Proveta, Filó Machado, Sandro Haick, Michel Leme, Thiago do Espírito Santo, among others.

In parallel, Buck developed a solo career which already resulted in 2 albums with his own compositions and arrangements: ‘Luz da Lua’ (2005) and ‘Irmãos de Som’ (2008). He also participated, as a co-leader in other 2 albums: ‘Trocando idéias’ (2005) and ‘Resistindo’ (2003). By his work in the ‘Luz da Lua’ Alex was granted the title of the revelation of 2005 by the Modern Drummer Brasil Magazine and it was quoted by the critics of the Jazz + magazine as one of the best records in the decade.

In 2007, he won the 1st national festival with an instrumental music orientation, with his tune ‘Cidade de Deus’ also receiving the ‘Radamés Gnatalli Award’ for the best arrangement. In 2009, his tune ‘Notas sobre Peça’ was a finalista t the same festival being recorded at its CD.

At the end of 2008, Buck recorded the 1st Dominguinho´s DVD at Fazenda Nova (PE) and an instrumental CD with Dominguinhos as well at the teatro FECAP (SP).

Nowadays, performs as a drummer, with Dominguinhos, Arismar and Thiago do Espírito Santo, Alessandro Penezzi and Wilson das Neves. As a piano player, plays at in São Paulo´s music scene and as an arranger, works for the group Gafieira Etc&Tal.



Alex Buck ‘Luz da Lua’ - ( Maritaca 2005)
Alex Buck ‘Irmãos de Som’ – (Fubá 2008)
Alex Buck e Michel Leme ‘Trocando Idéias’ – (2006)
Arismar do Espírito Santo ‘Fóto do Satélite – (Maritaca 2006)
DVD Germano Mathias ‘Ginga no Asfalto’ - (2007)
Alessandro Penezzi ‘Sentindo’ – (2008)
Sandro Haick ‘Caminhando’ –(2005)
Thiago Espírito Santo ‘Hemisférios’ – (Fubá 2008)
Sérgio Coelho ‘Trombone’ – (2007)


An interview with Alex Buck: Batuka! Brasil | Great Encounters | 2020




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