Cristiano Forte won the 4th place on the 1st Batuka! Masters – National Drummer´s Contest, in the year 1996. He also participated, with Otávio Neto´s tune “Camutue” in the 1st Batuka! CD, released in 1998.

"I had the honor of participating in the 1st Batuka, whereas by the Vera Figueiredo´s and her Institute´s prestige and credibility we drummers had the opportunity of opening doors and conquer our space fulfilling our dream of a nationwide recognition, a very rare chance for us who live away from the big cities."


Cristiano Forte was covered in various articles of music magazines, some as collaborator, writing on Brazilian´s South corner drum scene and some as the interviewed.

Established the instrumental group Humatumotabum, with an un-conventional instrumentation and performed various shows with it. Recorded more than 50 CDs as a sideman with various artists in different styles. Cristiano also produced workshops bringing some well known musicians as well as himself, to the South region of the country.

Taught private lessons and promoted the “Baterias na Praça” event, in wich he performed his compositions for drum set, along with more than 20 drummers simultaneously. Started to work as a volunteer in a musicalization project of some social projects. Later, becoming more interested in this field, was hired to teach musicalization at the Colégio Energia, a regular school, where he still works to this day.

Cristiano performed with various artists in the South of Brazil, being on demand for both recordings and musical productions with them. During his musical journey, he was endorsed by drums, cymbals and drumsticks brands. Beyond being a drummer, Cristiano also attempt to do motorcycle travels, as on the “Ventos Fortes” project, his most recent one. In January 2009, Cristiano travelled solo for more than 11.500 km in the Patagonia during a month. This trip was fully covered by the media with live bulletins for a radio in the state of Santa Catarina.

Nowadays is an academic in Pedagogy at the UNESC and performs at the Tiozen band as long as various music styles.


An interview with Cristiano Forte and Flávio Teixeira: Batuka! Brasil | Great Encounters | 2020




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