Elóy Casagrande won the 2nd Batukinha! – National Drummer´s Contest, in 2004.

"I had the greatest honor in participating of the greatest Brazilian drum event, the Batuka! Brasil International Drum Fest 2004. It was the 1st big contest I took part and it was very important once after then the music world opened up for me.. It was the first step towards my professional drummer´s career… It was the greatest incentive I could have to go forward… The great drummers I met taught me a lot and those were unique opportunities. I´m very proud to say that in my country we have such a noble event and also thankful to the people who work at it because I do know how great and important the Batuka! Brasil can be in a career!! I´d like to thank you Vera and would like you to know you raise the bar on Brazilian drumming and will always be present in my career."


An above average interest in toy musical instruments was noted by his parents since very early. This way, at 6 years old, Eloy was presented by his parents with a little drum set. As the time went on they noted Eloy´s interest and enthusiasm in drumming so since then he takes classes.

As a result of a great performance at 7 years old, Elóy won a professional kit. Each show, the audience was stunned by the amount of talent in such an early age. A little later, he started to appear in nationwide TV shows like Eliana & Alegria, Faustão, Vídeo Show, Domingo Legal, É Show, among others. Besides it he started to perform in workshops and events.

Performed for companies like BASF, EMTU e General Motors and also had his work published in magazines. Won the under 18 category of The Modern Drummer’s Undiscovered Drummer Contest, in 2005, performing at it in the United States.

His work granted him various endorsement deals an a big USA tour in 2006, performing at Fresno (CA), Tulsa (OK), Kansas City (MO), Lafayete (LA), Nashville (TN), Montevallo (AL), Raleigh (NC), Columbus (OH) e Palatine (IL).

Nowadays, besides ministering workshops, Elóy Casagrande plays at the André Matos.


An interview with Elóy Casagrande: Batuka! Brasil | Great Encounters | 2020




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