Frederico Valle won the 3rd place on the 1st Batuka! Masters – National Drummer´s Contest, in the year of 1996. Along with the drummer Guilherme Santana, participated in the 1st Batuka! CD, released in the year of 1998 with their tune “Desfunksambeando"..

“To have participated in the Batuka was always a great joy for me. Since the first time in ’96, and at the second edition, as a jury member (Who am I to judge them?) and also at the recording of the CD and winners meeting! It was very good, at the time, to certify I was at the right track, making my basic stuff well, to meet Vera and Carla and the other drummers too!!! Today I´m very proud to be participated in its first edition and miss it so much!!! But I´m sure that even far away I´m a member of the Batuka! family!!! I wish tons of health and music to everyone and long life to the Batuka!"


Frederico Valle works as a musician since 1992 who performs both in shows and studio recordings.

In the year of 1996 performed, as a guest, in the show “From Brasil”, at the release of the drummer´s Vera Figueiredo 2nd CD.

In 1997, Fred played with Junior Marvin (The Wailers). Two years after that, he become a member of the group Solo Brasil, performing the show “Uma Viagem Através da Música do Brasil – A Journey Thru Brazilian Music”, in more than 20 countries na all over Brazil.

Played and recorded with various musicians such as Toninho Horta, Marcos Nimirichter, Marcelo Mariano, Ricardo Leão, Bororo, Marcelo Maia, Ademir Jr. and Marcelo Martins.

Nowadays plays with various MPB artists in Goiás, also performing in the electronic music scene with DJs. With the bass player Marcelo Maia and the keyboard player Dejan Cosic, works in na instrumental music project to be released.
His first work as a producer is The Colagens, also preparing a second CD and can be seen at the myspace.

Also in 2009, Frederico Valle will perform in Europe with Solo Brasil, and will play in a series of Big Band shows with the Maestro Jarbas Cavendish.


An interview with Guilherme Santana and Frederico Valle: Batuka! Brasil | Great Encounters | 2020




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