Gledson Meira won the 4th Batuka! Masters – National Drummer´s Contest, in 2001. He also participated, with the tune “Caldo de Cana” by himself, Léo Meira and Giulian Cabral, in the 2nd Batuka! CD, released in 2004.

"Batuka! had a decisive role in my professional career. By this festival I decided to be a musician and to live by my music. I´m from the state of Paraíba, far away from all of the great musical happenings in Brazil. At my first time at the contest I had a glimpse of what is to really play the drums.
Up to that I had never studied and, when I saw all those guys playing that much, I couldn´t believe my eyes! at that very moment I decided I would reach that point someday. Came back and started studying, persisted and came back to the festival for many times and had the support from Vera and Carla, and then one day I made it! So, this is it... I´m sure of the fact that if it was not by the Batuka!I wouldn´t be a professional musician. Thank you very much Vera.
Long life to the Batuka! God bless, lots of sounds, health and success forever."


Born in Patos, countryside of the state of Paraíba, in 1975, Gledson Meira had his first contact with the drums at 16 years old along with his brother.

At the begining he had no intention of being a professional musician but, as time went by, the music became a very important part of his life so, naturally, Gledson turned into a professional musician. At 22, he was already playing in clubs and ball bands at the Paraíba´s capitol town. His studies, due to the lack of specialized schools in his region, were self-taught in the majority of the times. Besides it, he attended to various workshops of drum icons like: Pascoal Meirelles, Virgil Donati, Carlos Balla, Robby Ameen, Márcio Bahia, Dave Weckl, Vera Figueiredo and Kiko Freitas, with whom he had private classes and become a good friend.

Graduated in the Percussion Major by the UFPB, nowadays he is pursuing a masters degree in Ethnomusicology. A teacher at the IFPB (former CEFET), he also teaches, directs and coordinate the Studio Music School. Still in the academic area, Gledson in one of the most on demand clinicians, performers and recording drummers in the northeast of Brazil.

Participated in the recording of the CD/DVD Pack with the Maestro Sivuca. With the JPSax band, his own group of instrumental music released the “Solto na Buraqueira” album. He also works in his brother, the guitar player Léo Meira in and the pianist Hélio Medeiros in an instrumental music project.

In his trajectory as a freelance musician he played with some high profile artists like: Sivuca, Léo Gandelman, Marcinho Eiras, Toninho Ferragutti, Renata Arruda, Antônio Barros and Cecéu, Manoel Serafim, Orquestra Metalúrgica Filipéia, Sérgio Groove and Quinteto da Paraíba.

Gledson has performed in music festivals like the world renowned Montreux Jazz Festival with various artists. He played at its 42nd edition in a night dedicated to the forró with Chico César, Pinto do Acordeom, Flávio José and Aleijadinho de Pombal. He endorses Brazilians drum set and a drumstick brand.

Nowadays, besides his own group, Gledson plays with Os Nonatos, Adeildo Vieira e Eleonora Falcone.


An interview with Sandro Moreno and Gledson Meira: Batuka! Brasil | Great Encounters | 2020




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