Guilherme Santana won the 2nd place on the Batuka! Masters – National Drummers Contest, in the year of 1996. Along with the drummer Fred Valle, participated in the 1st Batuka! CD, released in the year of 1998 with their tune “Desfunksambeando".

“I participated in the 1st Batuka! at exactly 13 years ago. I remember as if it was today Vera calling at my home and telling me I was selected. To take part at it, was a unique and special experience. Only the ones who participate know how much it’s a learning experience. I made some good friends that always bring me good things.
As the years go by, the consolidation of these event noted by the seriousness and competence of its organization, transformed the Batuka! into one of the greatest and most respected ones in the world. It gave me great opportunities career wise and I´m very thankful to the Batuka! and its organizers who someday dreamed about this event and helped me in pursuing my dream of living by the art of playing drums."


Born in Goiânia, his passion for the drums started at the early age of 2. He started to play in the church and with 6 he was already playing at its band. At 12 started playing professionally.

Played and recorded with various artists in the Brazilian Gospel scene like:Walvir Soares, Expresso Luz, MILAD, Carlinhos Félix, Aline Barros, Alda Célia, Kléber Lucas, VIRTUD, João Alexandre, among others.

In the year of 2003 went to the United States where He stayed for 2 years studying with professor Christopher Coleman at the Drummers Collective in New York. While in Atlanta, performed with the jazz singer Gwen Hughes and CCCB - Cumberland Community Church Band. In Boston, performed with the Soul singer and in New York with the group Harlem Gospel Singers.

In the USA attended to workshops and master classes of Jeff Hamilton – with whom He had private contemporary jazz classes - , Sonny Emmory, Chistopher Coleman, Tony Royster, Aaron Spears, Vinnie Colaiuta, Dave Weckl, Johnny Rab, Gregg Bissonete, Dennis Chambers, Akira Jimbo, Peter Erskine, Virgil Donati, Chick Corea and Mike Stern, among others. Guilherme was also a contender in the Guitar Center´s “Drum Off 2004”, with other 33.000 drummers and finished it among the 15 top in the country and the top in the south region of the United States.

Played and recorded with various artists from Goiânia like: Bel Maia, Christina Guedes, Fernanda Guedes, Laércio Correntina, Larissa Moura, Valéria Costa, Tom Chris, Camila Faustino, Pádua, Maria Eugênia and Tonzera. He also works in various musical productions of Jota Rezende, William Borjazz, Pinoccio, Caixote, Bozo, Luiz Chafin, among others.

In the year 2007, taught at the Canto da Primavera, at Pirinópolis, with Thiago Espírito Santo, Daniel Santiago, Eduardo Neves, and Kiko Continentino. Guilherme performed in some other editions of this even as a side man for players from Goiânia.

Participated in the recording of the bass player´s Marcelo Maia DVD and the saxophone player´s Ademir Júnior CD, in which Hermeto Paschoal also plays.

Nowadays, he works with his instrumental music trio The Trio Guariroba, with the bass player Bruno Rejan and the pianist Santiago Lammas, with the Jam Brasil Quintet, which performed at the Goyaz Festival and also with various artists in Brasília and São Paulo, where he has recorded and performed shows and workshops.


An interview with Guilherme Santana and Frederico Valle: Batuka! Brasil | Great Encounters | 2020




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