Igor Willcox won the Musicianship category on the 3rd Batuka! Masters – National Drummer´s Contest, in 1998. In the year 2003, performed with his own trio at the festival. He also participated with the tune “Um Belo Dia em Filmore East” by himself, Chico Wilcox and Erik Escobar in the 2nd Batuka! CD, released in 2004..

“To participate in and to win the 3rd Batuka!, was an amazing experience. I didn´t entered the contest to win. I was Just looking for showing my work, get connected with people and make new friendships. All the contenders are super drummers and the fact of winning was, for me, a great gift. Thanks to Batuka! I had the opportunity of playing with various acclaimed Brazilian and international artists in my career."


Born in São Paulo in 1981, Igor Willcox comes from a long musical lineage having as main influences his father, the arranger and maestro Paulo César Willcox, and his mother, the singer Sonia Rocha.

Studied drums with Alexandre Faccas (Monga) and the swiss Jojo Mayer. Igor was indicated as the one of the revelation drummers by the Batera & Percussão Magazine (march/2000) and also wrote for it for a year.

Ministered various workshops in Germany at prestigious universities such as the Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Frankfurt (Frankfurt Music University), and the Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Hamburg (Hamburg Music University).

Igor performed as a side man for various high profile artists such as: Guilherme Arantes, Família Lima, Sandy & Junior, Sandy, Patrícia Marx, Lu Schievano, Fernanda Porto, Frejat, Aretha Marcos, Gary Brown, Kenny Brown, among others.

In the instrumental music scene, played with Bocato, Tony Lakatos (Hungary), Michel Leme, Marcinho Eiras, Ary Roland, Lea Freire, Arismar do Espírito Santo, Thiago do Espírito Santo, Tiago Costa, Michel Friendenson, Mané Silveira, Sandro Haick, Jarbas Barbosa, David Richards (USA), Rogério Botter Maio, Zerró Santos, Wilson Teixeira, Djalma Lima, Walmir Gil, Luis Cubano, Pepe Cisneros (Cuba), Erik Escobar, Decebal Badila (Romania), Pitty Wooley, Marcio Negri, Mauricio Caruso, Chiquinho Oliveira, Lanny Gordin, Alexandre Mihanovic and Chico Willcox, also performing in various Jam Sessions. Wilcox also played for two years in the Santa Maria band, on of the top Brazilian ball bands.

Nowadays, Igor teaches drums and music production, records, ministers workshops. and produces bands and solo artists in his own studio where he has his recording label, the WeW Records.

Since 2006, Igor focuses in producing and performing electronic music with some national and foreign Djs as well as his own projects, the e-COX Live, Jazz in Lounge and Dualtronik.

By his merits, Wilcox got some drum set, drumsticks and drum accessory´s endorsement deals.


An interview with Turquinho and Igor Willcox: Batuka! Brasil | Great Encounters | 2020




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