Luke Faro won the Musicianship category on the 2nd Batuka! Masters – National Drummer´s Contest, in 1997. He also participated, with the Guilherme Guimarãe´s tune “Agora Sai” in the 1st Batuka! CD released in 1998.

"To think, to practice, singles, doubles, flams, drags, paradiddles, the effort, the determination, the jumpiness and the self overcome. This is Batuka! And goes beyond the festival, it raised the bar in the art of playing drums in the “Rhythm Country.” Thanks Vera Vera, thanks Batuka!"


Born in Santos SP in 1974, Luke Faro moved to Brasília (DF), whrere with 6 years old earned his first toy drum kit. At 14 started to study drums at the Drummer music academy with Marcão Britto.

In 1991, moved to Pelotas (RS). In the following 5 years kept studying by himself and started teaching in a local school. In the year 1996, started to study with the renowned drummer Kiko Freitas, in Porto Alegre, which whom studyed till 2001. Those were long hours travelling between Pelotas and Porto Alegre but the effort paid back. Luke won the best player title at the VI CIRIO (Canto Inter-Universitário Riograndense) in 1999 moving to Porto Alegre in this very year.

From this moment on, Faro´s career has been distinguished by some great partnerships, as the one with the prized gaucho guitar player Marcelo Corsetti, with whom recorded the 3 albums of the instrumental music group XQuinas. Luke is also a member of the soul group Hard Working Band, recording its 2nd and 3rd albums. His instrumental music orientation is also evident in his work with the Jazz, Funk Brazilian band Caixa Preta, since 2005.

Luke was indicated to the Açorianos Award 2008 as the best player and best instrumental album with the XQuinas, an award offered by the Porto Alegre´s City Hall. Graduated in Music by the IPA Porto Alegre in 2008. In the same year started to play with the singer Leandro Maia, in his awarded album PALAVREIO.

His work already granted a drumstick endorsement as well as an interview in the Modern Drummer Brasil Magazine in 2007. Another of his career important facets is the partnership with singers.

Nowadays he plays with Andréa Cavalheiro (singer of the Hard Working Band). In 2009, started the pop project VANESSA LONGONI E TERRATRÔNIX, with an album out. Also plays in the Paulinho Supekovia´s instrumental project in which, his own compositions in the funk-rock-pop instrumental styles. He also teaches drums in Porto Alegre.


An interview with Luke Faro and Marius Rodrigues: Batuka! Brasil | Great Encounters | 2020




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