Márcio Pereira won the Technique category of the 4th Batuka! Masters – National Drummer´s Contest, in 1999..

"When I inscribed me in the Batuka! I realized I was going to participate in a technical contest where the best one would win. But, in the times when I went to the eliminatory phases in São Paulo, I found out I was inside one of the greatest musical fraternities I had ever seen.
I not only left São Paulo with the winning in the Technical category but with a life triumph by the friendships, the experience, the inspiration acquired and, above all, the music, tons of music.
I can assure the Batuka! was e real turning point in my life and I think we, players and spectators are all winners by being a part of it.
The Batuka! is a Brazilian cultural phenomenon. Thank you Vera and Carla."


Born in Tapera (RS), Márcio started his musical career at 14 years old by playing in ball bands around Passo Fundo (RS). Self-taught, iniciated his formal studies with the drummer Kiko Freitas in 1997. After this period, began to play as a freelancer musician for various kinds of music.

In the year of 1994, Márcio moved to Camboriú (SC), and performed in the local scene as well as with the Asas de Verão band which played some typical styles for summer time. After this experience, moves back to Rio Grande do Sul, where becomes a fulltime member of the Ferrety’s group. Later he moved to Curitiba (PR), to play with Ivan de Souza.

Back to Rio Grande do Sul to work with the Itamonte group, one of the most renowned ball bands in this state. At the same started to play with the instrumental band Pimenta do Reino in which performed in various shows in the region as well as in Europe. Márcio Pereira, along with Paulinho Cardoso (accordion) and Richard Ferrarini (sax), went performed in various European Jazz Festivals and Jazz Clubs.

Pereira moved to Florence Italy in 2002 and had a chance to perform with various Brazilian musicians among them the Xipaquira group - Fusion and Drum´n Bass with Gialuca Venier and Krishna – and the Trio Gooool – Jazz and MPB with Simone Martelli and Tommaso Montagnani. Also recorded with Brazilian musicians living in Italy like Edinho Queiros and Ligia Franca, Joca Costa (Fagner, Zé Ramalho), Marquinhos Siqueira (Caetano Veloso), Rodrigo Amaral (Art Popular and Leci Brandão).

While in Italy, teaches at the Il Trillo music school, and ministers workshops by the Play Drums and Percussion, music store from Firenze. He also writes his drum set method; the “Sviluppando il drumming con i ritmi brasiliani” (Developing The Drumming With Brazilian Rhythms), focused in a skill grouth by the application of the Brazilian Rhythms to be released in Brazil as well.

Back in Brazil played in the Leo Ferrarini Trio, in the black music group Blackup and in the Itamonte group. Also played, with the other members o the Leo Ferrarini trio with the renowned singer/composer Mozer de Oliveira.

On the academic scope, Márcio teaches classes both in schools, private and in the first Brazilian virtual drum school while waits for the release of his book in Brazil soon.

Recently recorded the album Batedo with the Leo Ferrarini Trio which has been considered by the local critics, not only one of the best instrumental music releases from the city of Caxias do Sul but one of the most important of this kind in the whole state. Batedo has as guest musicians Rafa Schuller and the accordion player Oscar dos Reis.

His work as a musician granted him endorsements and signature models of sticks and drum set sneakers. He uses the Super Safira Marcinho Pereira signature Sticks as well as the Urban Boards Drummer´s Shoes and the Custom drums.

Nowadays plays with the Quartettari, Daniel Rion Trio, Vika Barcellos and Fernando Corona, Edinho Queirós and Marcos e Belutti. Also develops an instrumental music projec with Bruno Repsold.


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