Rogério Pitomba was the winner of the 13th Batuka! Masters – National Drummers Contest, in 2013.

“It’s hard to explain the admiration and gratitude I feel about this event, Vera Figueiredo and the staff. I think Batuka! Brasil is one of the greatest drum events of the world! It’s a hefty event when it comes to rhythms diversity, and high level cultural exchange. I can’t describe the emotion of taking part in it, and about the new friends I made, as well as the exchange of experiences. I consider Batuka! Brasil an important reference in my life! I’m sure the festival has afforded me a greater visibility of my work."


Rogério Pitomba started his professional career as drummer at the age of seventeen. Since then, he has been playing at several Brazilian and overseas festivals. He performed in the TV Shows “Programa do Jô”, as member of Tricor band, and in a special program about the accordion player Dominguinhos of “Som Brasil”, playing with Rosa Pedra band.

He has been recording and playing with several artists, such as Joyce, Roberto Menescal, Leila Pinheiro, Daúde, Valéria Oliveira, Simona Talma, Arismar do Espírito Santo, Paulo Braga, Manoca Barreto, Lis Rosa, Klênio Barros, Jubileu Filho, Ebinho Cardoso, Camila Masiso, Antonio de Pádua, Sérgio Groove, Júnior Primata, Bruna Hetzel, among others. He’s also played in Paris with Camila Masiso, and presented a master class in Portugal. In 2013, Rogério Pitomba was the winner of the 13th Batuka! Masters – National Drummers Contest.

One of the most requested drummers from Rio Grande do Norte, Rogério Pitomba just released his first album, and recorded the instrumental DVD “Até o caroço”, in which he mixes, in an innovative way, several rhythms, such as afoxé, baião and frevo.


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