Sandro Moreno won the 6th Batuka! Masters – National Drummer´s Contest, in 2001. He also participated, with Adriano Magôo´s tune “Mba Eichpa La Porte” in the 2nd Batuka! CD, released in 2004.

"I own a lot to the Batuka!. It can integrate our very musical country. The contacts, the information exchange and the learning experience between us, Brazilian drummers and the ones who come from all over the world is something that really happens in a 2 way channel.
Long life to the Batuka! Long life to Vera Figueiredo and all of her collaborators!"


After performing at the Batuka! Sandro Moreno experienced a dramatic improvement in professional oportunities. Soon after music magazines publicized articles on Sandro´s performance at the festival, he was invitedby the high profile singer Zé Ramalho to play in his band. Moreno played with him for 6 years averaging 120 shows a year!

In the year 2007, he was invited to be a part at the singer Tetę Espíndola´s project along with the french producer Philip Kadosh e and the EU Orchestra spallas in which he toured Europe. At the same year, Sandro participated in the Sinfonia Ecológica Brasileira project, a reunion of folklore groups and the Orquestra Sinfônica de Campinas (SP) which toured Brazil and Cuba. In 2008, Sandro played with the singer/composer Almir Sater in his ‘Um Violeiro Toca’ tour.

He already performed with renowned musicians like Márcio Montarroios, Arthur Maia, Ney Matogrosso, Paulo Moska, Alzira Espíndola, Zélia Duncan, Paulo Calasans, Adriano Magoo, Marcelo Mariano, Marcelo Ribeiro, Dani Black, Chico Pinheiro, Robert Friedl (Austria), Antonio Porto, Zeca Baleiro and Phillip Kadosh (France).
Nowadays, Sandro Moreno plays with the Jerry e Cora band as well as with the instrumental music ones; Croa and Balaio Jazz.


An interview with Sandro Moreno e Gledson Meira: Batuka! Brasil | Great Encounters | 2020




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