Tiago de Souza won the 11th Batuka! Masters – National Drummers Contest in 2011. One of the prizes was a spot at the Mapex Drummer of Tomorrow as finalist. The contest took place in 2012, during the Musikmesse in Frankfurt, Germany. Tiago won the 2nd place.

"To participate of Batuka! was one of those moments when everything changes. I’ve just had started studying drums, and wasn’t sure about the results of my dedication and hard work. I thank God, my family and Vera, because they helped me to open this amazing door. Great part of I gained from 2011 to now I owe to my participation at the festival. Because this kind of thing works that way: as a “comet tail” for the Batuka’s participants. We are in 2013, and still people ask me “you won the Batuka contest, right? Long live the festival”.


Musician, drummer and professor, Tiago was Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He started studying music at the age of 10, at the Escola Municipal de Música Werbert Bernadino Aniceto, located on São João de meriti (RJ). His teacher was the maestro João Carlos. At first he chose the trombone as his instrument. But in 2002 he was invited to play in a band formed by his friends from the church as a drummer. Since then, the drums have been his main instrument.

Tiago has studied with several musicians, such as Martinho, Xande Figueiredo, Claudio Infante, Christiano Galvão, Carlos Bala, Marcio Amaro, Williams Mello, Lellei Pinheiros, Ramon Montagner, Pascoal Meirelles and Kiko Freitas.

In 2007, he started playing professionally, participating of recording sessions, playing with local artists and teaching.

He’s already contributed with the music of Altair Martins, Aureo Marquezini, Baixada Jazz Big Band, André Neiva, David Cerqueira, Danilo Sinna, Georgete Rocha, Gerson Borges, Jozyanne, Josué Lopes, Kleiton Martins, Leandro Silva, Márvio Ciribelli, Mateus Starling, Pâmela (Mk Music), Paulo Nazareth (Crombie), Rogério De Castro, Thaís Motta, Wagner Derek, among others.

In 2009, he played with the Quadrante, project dedicated to the electronic music, resulting in the “FVM” EP, released in 2011. At the same period, he formed the Cambapé, an instrumental group which mix jazz with Brazilian rhythms.
Now, besides giving drum classes, he plays in concerts, works on recording sessions, and is a musician at the Igreja Cristã de Nova Vida de Piam church, located in Belford Roxo (RJ). He also plays with the guitarrist Joabe Gomes, and is one of the members of the guitarist’s band Davidson Rodrigues (Davi Sacer), performing in Rio de Janeiro. He also participates of Casoy, which mixes Brazilian music influences with the progressive music language. Tiago plays with the singer Reynaldo Costa, and with the Farofa Carioca group while maturing his own project for his instrumental music group.

In the didactic area, he is studying harmony at the Centro Ian Guest de Aperfeiçoamento Musical (CIGAM), and takes part of the music graduate degree at the Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, in Musicology.


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