Vaney Bertotto won the 9th Batuka! Masters – National Drummer´s Contest in 2004.

"The experience of winning the Batuka! was the great confirmation that hard working and dedication to the drum set, pay back! A sensation of mission accomplished the start of a new phase and new challenges, bottom line, you´re no ordinary drummer anymore, you won the Batuka! and everyone looks at you in a different way. I had never seen the festival as a competition but as a way of enlighten the gallantry of the dedicated drummers."


His fulltime dedication to the art, started very early in this musician´s life and nowadays he collects important diplomas and a title with nationwide projection. At the Pracatum, Carlinhos Brown´s school in Salvador (BA) Vanney specialized himself in Afro-Brazilian Rhythms.
Also went to Rio de Janeiro to study with Robertinho Silva, one of the most respected Brazilian drummers and to attend Marcos Suzano´s, one of the greatest pandeiro players ever.

Bertotto had already played with the instrumental groups Pimenta do Reino, Mozer de Oliveira, Kako Xavier, Trio Instrumental Abrasileirando, Ernesto Fagundes, Paulinho Fagundes, Ricardo Baumgarten, Emerson Ribeiro, Moreno Morais, Michel Dorfman, Marmaduke, Enzo y Rodrigo, Renata Adegas among others. Also performed in the DVDs of Enzo y Rodrigo, Wilson Paim, Daniel Ferretti, e Canto e Encantado Vol. 1 e 2.

Nowadays, Vaney focuses his work in the correlation between the drum set and percussion (Percussividade in Portuguese). Also teaches and records in the city of Porto Alegre and travels to do workshops all over the country.


An interview with Vaney Bertotto and Cuca Teixeira: Batuka! Brasil | Great Encounters | 2020




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